Change Log

EE2E3.1.5/ 2005.11.23
(1)for Eclipse3.2M3
EE2E3.1.3/ 2005.11.12
(1)D Programming Language--"in","out,"body" indent.
EE2E3.1.2/ 2005.10.27
(1)D Programming Language--mode / Coloring
(2)plugin.xml was chaned.
(3)download site.
EE2E3.1.1/ 2005.10.21
(1)D Programming Language--mode / Coloring / Unicode escape(\uxxxx)
EE2E3.1.0/ 2005.10.11
(1)D Programming Language--mode / Coloring / Unicode escape(\uxxxx)
EE2E3.1.0/ 2005.10.05
(1)for Eclipse 3.1
EE2E3.0.9/ 2004.09.26
(1)EE2E(*.ee2e) customize documentation is added.
EE2E3.0.8/ 2004.09.02
(1)launchConfiguration is deleted.
EE2E3.0.7/ 2004.08.31
It corresponded to the backslash by the "Destory #ifdef" function.
#if define(NO_WORK) || \\  // work
EE2E3.0.6/ 2004.08.31
(1)[Bug Fix] Keyboard binding fails in XML-editor
(2)Refactoring of a source code was carried out.
EE2E3.0.4/ 2004.07.09
(1)For Eclipse 3.0 and CDT 2.0
EE2E3.0.3/ 2004.07.02
(1)For Eclipse 3.0
EE2E3.0.2/ 2004.06.30
(1)For Eclipse 3.0RC3
EE2E2.6.7/ 2004.01.18
(1)The default ee2e-minormode when an extension is unknown is changed into Java-mode.
(2)The debugging comment addition at the time of extension unknown.
(3)The case which has a quotation mark after comment out is coped with. (Ex) // The Data can call Body's.
EE2E2.6.6/ 2004.01.16
(1)Bug correction of toc.xml
EE2E2.6.5/ 2003.10.26
(1)Use with Eclipse CDT version 1.2.0.
EE2E2.6.4/ 2003.10.18
(1)scope of Key binding was changed.
(2)In addition, many things were changed.
EE2E2.6.3/ 2003.09.08
(1)[EE2CDT][Indent All] Correction of a bug which does not carry out normal operation.
EE2E2.6.2/ 2003.09.06
(1)Q and A was added.
(2)Action ID was attached to the command.
(3)[EE2CDT] format function added
(4)The TestCase of an indent to a comment was increased.
(5)[The file name inference engine]Correction of fault of operation.
EE2E2.6.1/ 2003.08.29
(1)The file name inference engine became more perfect.
(2)[bug fix] J2SE1.3 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/parsers/ParserConfigurationException
(3)[Testing now] *.el Editor....
EE2E2.5.6/ 2003.08.24
(1)[EE2E Preference][Java Indent] "Using compact redundant for '('" was added.
EE2E2.5.5/ 2003.08.23
(1)SNMP-mode was incorporated.
(2)[BugFix] "for" indent case.
EE2E2.5.4/ 2003.08.22
(1)The document of the source code download method was created from CVS.
(2)[BugFix][Java Indent] [#2816] Indentation fails for method parameters
[#2817] Indentation fails

Until a punctuation mark appears for the first time, the number of circle mark is counted. Supposing the direction of a left circle mark is increases, a space is moved to this position.
(*) punctuation mark==";","{","}"
(*) circle mark=="(",")","[","]"
EE2E2.5.3/ 2003.08.22
(1) I set up CVS(
(2) source code was excepted from ee2e plugin.
(*) Please utilize CVS.
(3) Public presentation of "EE2 E JUnit test for hackers" was stopped.
(*) Please utilize CVS.
(4) nww Document plugin was created.
(5)[BugFix] [#2815] Indentation fails for Javadoc
EE2E2.5.2/ 2003.08.20
(1)[BugFix] The indent length of jsp.ee2e was confirmed.
(2)ee2e.dtd was put on the ./useree2e folder.
(*)./useree2e/*.ee2e is not decoded if this file does not exist in the same folder.
EE2E2.5.1/ 2003.08.19
EE2E2.4.12/ 2003.07.25
(1)[EditorGroup]It carried out,and BookMark is opened.
(2)webapp.ee2e was made more perfect.
(3)The file name inference engine became more perfect.
EE2E2.4.11/ 2003.07.25
(1)[EditorGroup]It was made to display IMark on BookMark.
EE2E2.4.10/ 2003.07.24
(1)windows.el was transplanted / Editor group was added.
(2)[EE2CDT][mini format] "else" bug correction.
EE2E2.4.9/ 2003.06.21
(1)[EE2ECDT][#if massacre function] Cancellation was corrected.
EE2E2.4.8/ 2003.06.19
(1)[EE2ECDT][#if massacre function] The comment was disregarded.
(2)[EE2ECDT][mini format]It became more perfect.
EE2E2.4.7 / 2003.06.17
(1)Since the format of EE2ECDT did not function effectively, it deleted.
EE2E2.4.6 / 2003.06.15
EE2CDT1.2.7/ 2003.06.15
(1)The ["#if" massacre] function was added.
EE2E2.4.5 / 2003.06.15
(1)It is the correction depending on EE2CDT1.2.7.
EE2E2.4.4 / 2003.06.14
(1)In windows,even if ther was a captial letter problem, it cold be made to perform a file jump by the console.
(*) was used.

(Ex)By this functional addition, either can carry out a file jump on Windows in the form of the following.
(1-1) c:\home\ando\workspase\foo\src\bar.c
(1-2) c:\HOME\ANDO\workspase\FOO\SRC\bar.c
EE2CDT1.2.6/ 2003.06.14
(1)[mini format] It became more perfect.
(2)[ format] The function was added. (*)However, it is very heaviness.
EE2E2.4.3 / 2003.06.11
(1) [For EE2E CDT] Even if it used the backslash by the preprocessor, the indent was made to be performed correctly.
EE2E2.4.2 / 2003.06.10
(1) Starting composition was corrected to BayServer1.2.1.
EE2E2.4.1 / 2003.06.07
(1) "The EE2E Java/C/C++ indent" became more perfect!
(2) Starting composition was corrected to BayServer1.2.1.
EE2E2.3.6 / 2003.06.04
(1) [For EE2E CDT] The [TAB] key corresponded to '#'.
(2) The complement input was strengthened.
(3) The source code was included.
EE2E2.3.5 / 2003.05.12
(1) [Apatch-Ant] location attribute correction of pathlement.
(2) [Apatch-Ant] report tag addition.
(3) [Apatch-Ant] An indent is made variable. It adds to "a setup".
(4) [Apatch-Ant] It is-izing for an editor about *.xml.
(5) The attribute was visualized by minibuffer.
EE2E2.3.4 / 2003.05.07
(1) "XML Translate Region(also \")" is added.
(2) EE2E XML wizard is deleted.
EE2E2.3.3 / 2003.05.05
EE2E2.3.2 / 2003.05.02
(1) XML Editor was replaced with the sample of XML Editor of Eclipse2.1.
(2) Ant Editor of Eclipse2.1 was used for EE2E XML Editor(Ant).
(3)For [Alt]-g,When there is no Region, a file name is guessed from the cursor position.
(4)It enabled it to change charset and contry name from "Preferences" by a wizard's complement.
EE2E2.3.1 / 2003.05.01
(1)It corresponded to Eclipse2.1.
(2)[BugFix] Wizard bug fix. The portion which inputs contents
(*) The problem was in the sample of Eclipse2.0.2....
(3)The description mistake of Xi template
EE2E2.2.10 / 2003.04.30
(1)[Urgent][BugFix] Xi Wizard bug fix.
EE2E2.2.9 / 2003.04.29
(1)MiniBuffer was changed into View (The document is not corrected yet...).
(2)The file name inference engine became wiser.
(3)Row number jump action was deleted (It included in the file name inference engine).
(4)Explanation of EE2E Snooping was added within help.
EE2E2.2.8 / 2003.04.26
(1)Eclipse2.1 measure, Since Japanese langage(Windows_31J or Shift_JIS) was garbled on the editor,it saw off.
(2)Jakarta-Ant was rewritten to Apatch-Ant.
(3)The mistake of sdoc-mode is corrected. Specification of style of img is wrong...
(4)[BugFix] mini-buffer / When a folder was specified, it was made for '/' to enter finally.
(5)The file jump was confirmed from ConsoleView.
(6)Process starting strengthening, JavaVM is used.
(7)[BugFix]If it is described as AAA.bbb.xsl, bbb.xsl will serve as a candidate for file name investigation.
(8)[BugFix]The correction of *.dtd in question no longer opening.
(9)It corresponds to Tomcat.
(10)It corresponds to Bayserver.
(11) It corresponds to jlint.
(12) It corresponds to ImportScrubber.
(13) The file name inference engine became wiser.
(14) Strengthening of a help.
EE2E2.2.7 / 2003.04.12
(1)Mounting of process starting.
EE2E2.2.6 / 2003.03.29
(1)Change the compulsive blank of Xi into  #160; from  nbsp;.
(2)Create TextEditor for coloring of a teraterm broad view.
(3)Add a URL file jump.
(4)Correction of a help.
(5)It corresponds to toc.xml(Eclipse).
(6)It corresponds to CDT(Eclipse).
(7)Reexamination of